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Сонник: Horn

Сонник: Interpretation 1
To see or hear a Horn in your fantasy connotes your need to pay consideration on your internal voices and instinct. On the other hand, you might boast and "blowing your own particular horn".
Сонник: Interpretation 1
To see or hear a horn in your dream signifies your need to pay attention to your inner voices and intuition. Alternatively, you may be bragging and "blowing your own horn".
Сонник: Miller Dream Interpretation
To dream that you hear the sound of a horn, foretells hasty news of a joyful character. To see a broken horn, denotes death or accident. To see children playing with horns, denotes congeniality in the home. For a woman to dream of blowing a horn, foretells that she is more anxious for marriage than her lover.
Сонник: English dream book Zedkielom (Morrison)
Feel free to play in his sleep on these instruments. They promise you the loyalty of friends and relatives sensitivity. Hear songs in a dream hearth or pipes is also very good. Soon you will receive good news from afar. If we hear the voice of these tools in a dream a family man, he is waiting for an increase in the family, there will be another child who will bring joy to the house. If you dream you hear the sound of the horn - this means that you will get a message from a friend from afar, perhaps, not very pleasant, but the long-awaited! If the sounds are repeated horn - a sign heralding major strife and even war.